Iris Clermont AIC Coaching

Vision & Mission

 Mission: I want to make you smile is my vision
 Vision: Teams working effectively and motivated

"Who smiles instead of rioting is always the stronger one".
This is not just a wisdom that accompanied me all my life,
but also the best indication of the success of a consulting project.

For me a project is successful, only when my business partner
is fully satisfied with each step and with the results, and each
employee can use the new insights in the working life and further
more in his private life. This success is evident in smiling faces.

No amused or ironic smile is intended. But the contented smile
of people who reach their personal and professional goals and
both are in line with each other. The smile of employees working
effectively, hand in hand with fun as one team is my greatest
motivation, because it again shows me in every project:
the path is correct - for me and for my clients!